About the Artist's Work

      Susan Throckmorton has mastered Polish wycinanki, especially leluje in the Kurpie style and gwiazdy and kodry in the Lowicz style. She has also studied the history and technique of Eastern European Jewish papercutting and makes original papercuttings in that style. However, most of her papercuttings are made in her own unique style from original designs.

T h e   W e d d i n g   (K o d r a)

      She usually uses a small pair of sharp scissors, and with the exception of Polish papercuttings, works almost exclusively in black and white. She also occasionally glues small touches of colored paper to the back of her black cuttings and uses colored pencils and watercolor paints on some of her designs. She sometimes mounts her work on backgrounds such as Mexican amate (bark) paper or special handmade papers imprinted with leaves and flowers. She also paints the backgrounds with watercolors and colored inks. Susan's themes are many and varied. She takes most of her inspiration from nature and the countryside, especially from her love of trees, flowers and birds.

      Some of her favorite subjects are also cats (she has four live models living with her), the Four Seasons, Noah's Ark and themes from Polish folk culture and her travels in Poland and other countries. She also cuts commissioned pieces according to the specific requirements of her customers. These range from summer houses to favorite pets or hobbies to variations on papercuttings previously cut.

    A u t u m n     L e a v e s                                      

All designs are COPYRIGHTED by Susan L.Throckmorton. They are made for viewing only and cannot be reproduced or distributed in any way for free or for profit.